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Doing Business as C.H.A.T. PRODUCTION
A Create Hope Amaze Triumph Production

We would like to thank and recognize:

Sir William (Bill) Hortz

Sir Robert (Bob) Abernethy

Sir Kennith (Ken) Thorp Burrell
In Commemoration & Celebration to all Community Social Investors. With hopes that the CHRISTOF HAT

HORTZ ABERNETHY THORP BRAND will continue to produce Celebratory Stars devoted to partner charities.

Most recently conducting Space Explorations (ISS-NASA) for the advancement of Science, Technology Engineering & Math(S.T.E.M.) via Atmosphere(Enviornmental/Green Energy) Causes bridging the gap within Space Missions.

Our efforts are now concentrated in re-branding our co-branding platform through Strategic Partnerships and Workforce Development Solutions.

Plans to use the Power of Group Purchasing http://www.purchasingpoint.org/

With plans to create a digital interface using our Software and Hardware Sponsors utilizing http://www.techsoup.org

Google continues to be the greatest community partner, and donor through Google for non-profits. A GOOGLE PARTNER, A GOOGLE BRAND.

Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase https://smile.amazon.com/ch/20-5337301

Entertainment Industry Foundation, GAP, UPS, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Home Depot, Old Navy and Target, & Verizon available for special event Sponsorship.

In 2015 after Richard Kane McDonald passed into eternal life a murder plot unfolded, where bombs and guns were pointed in every direction in attempt to destroy this Humanitarian Legacy. We appreciate Richard’s contribution to LGBTQ rights, labor rights as a union employee he fought for equal wages and was key in creating an organization that places water around the planet through www.water.org

Gifting his CALPERS Retirement fund, which was vital in continuing the Global operations of Chris Guzman Foundation.

Continues to Focus on Celebration of Culture and Science for Global Development. Community education focusing on health education and training partnerships.

Advocacy for Animals, Hunger, Housing, Homeless, Healthcare, Arts, Agriculture, Atmosphere and providing social services such as counseling, referrals, case work, home health management have been suspended until we obtain funding. Includes Prescription Coverage, Healthcare Affordability, Senior Care, LGBTQA Rights, Workforce Development, and Cultural issues regarding immigration. A commercial and residential property is needed to continue our operations.

Please fill out the contact form below.


Joining forces with branches of the United Nations such as UNICEF & UNHCR among others.

Please Note: Not part of or funded by the Order of the Holy See, Malta-hence the reason why most of his plans are not posted until fruition. Fortune 500 Corporations love to implement his ideas, such has happened every time a campaign has been posted or talked about. Many Fortune 500 Corporations create their strategic planning around the causes we support.

Join our efforts, donate financially, volunteer your time to a local charity, and post a comment about your experience below. Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, or add us on LinkedIn.

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