Chris Guzman Foundation Overview

The Chris Guzman Foundation was founded in 2005 by a poor white/latino boy, but like Oprah & Buzz Aldrin he is part of the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans. Having a consortium of high profile appointed advisors, who no longer donate to the Foundation. Mentors have been key to accomplishing the mission of the Chris Guzman Foundation’s mission in the community. He started with a vision to house the homeless, touched by an experience as a teenager when his family became homeless and eventually clients of a transitional shelter- Orange Coast Interfaith Shelter. This passionate young man became destined to give back to his community. Most importantly he first focused on all the organizations he was empowered by at the age of 15. The American Red Cross taught him CPR & First Aid, along with helping him build leadership skills and self- esteem through special events and trainings. Earning a lifetime membership at the local Boys & Girls Club he became inspired to start a newsletter detailing all the fun club activities. Later, allowing him to be nominated by staff for the Orange County Register Youth of the Year Award. Save Our Youth paid him for his grades and provided him with tools to acquire above average grades. They provided mentoring and the YMCA provided a personal tutor to him. Also, at a young age Chris was involved in church activities, he was a youth leader, donations coordinator, Sunday School Teacher, Multimedia Editor and the list goes on…

As an adult he was ambitious to succeed- he graduated 6 months early. After High School he worked 5 part time jobs at the mall. Later he started a Music Production Company, selling local bands into the studios.

Whereafter, he started hosting award winning Blood Drives, Disaster Drill Simulations, and teaching CPR/ First Aid CPR all over California for the American Red Cross. Chris served on the 2010 211 Homeless Point in time count Advisory Committee. He also taught Yoga to the Boys & Girls Club & Alzheimer’s Association as well as helping re-group a team at Save Our Youth. At Christmas time he held Holiday Parties at other charities as well as distributing pumpkins and christmas trees from the YMCA. Not to mention the 11 days of Feeding the Homeless in November, he would rent a van and drive volunteers, give cup noodle soups, burritos, sandwiches, enchiladas, as well as Thanksgiving feasts.

He has gone on to start other charities, placing several other nonprofits in our community, fulfilling the need in today’s generation. Hosting Cultural fairs such as the Oakland Black & Brown Conference & Asian Pacific Islander Conferences. He co- founded the Foundation for Survivors of Human Trafficking ( as well as & as well as collaborating to create a LGBTQ Resource Center in Oceanside, not to exclude the coordination of a federally funded parent resource center at one of the largest high schools in Orange County CA He has attended and served at San Diego, Oceanside, & San Francisco PRIDE festivals as an Emergency Medcal Responder. Collaborating with the SF AIDS Foundation to recruit and complete an HIV study on youth for UC San Francisco.

Chris Guzman a dedicated brother & father of charities, after also serving as a Task Force Member of the UC Berkeley Health Initiative of the Americas as well as a planner, coordinator, and collaborator with the UC Berkeley network. He toured health fair events in October from Calexico to San Diego To Orange County to Los Angeles to San Francisco, the bay area, and San Antonio Texas. He was on the steering committee to start the IBIZA Zacatecanos Primero committee. At a UNICEF training event he translated for the Speakers and attendees from all over Latin America & Spain. He even became part of the staff at an advisory organization to the Consul/ Secretary of External Relations.

Joining forces with branches of the United Nations such as UNICEF & UNHCR among others. Please Note: Not part of or funded by the Order of the Holy See, Malta-hence the reason why most of his plans are not posted until fruition. Most Catholic Charities/Church Parishes and Corporations love to implement his ideas, such has happened everytime a campaign has been posted or talked about. Catholic Church Parishes war him to place him in a Homeless poverty as a Pilgrim. Notice the Catholic Empire and Global Corporations create their strategic planning around the causes we support.

In 2014 we made Christmas happen for many families, giving away for free, over one hundred (100) Christmas Trees to communities.

The focus is mainly to fill the gaps in our system- providing social services and community resources bridging a new future, today- finding innovative strategies to streamline resources in our social services system.

In the process of revamping; we are looking for community members who will help us make a difference in kids, teens, and seniors.
Thanks for your help & assistance!

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Consider a gift of any amount help us change lives and create everlasting memories. Our previous donor base has moved on to their own private ventures, help support our mission. We are one of the top 1% of charities on


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One thought on “Chris Guzman Foundation Overview

  1. My name is Tim Houchen. I am an elected delegate and official spokesperson for a group called the Civic Center Roundtable. I am myself homeless and disabled. Our group meets each week to discuss the needs, concerns and the welfare of the homeless community at the civic center.
    We have observed the ongoing absence of support for housing of the homeless population at large and have great concern regarding the plans of re-gentrification of the downtown and civic center areas. Our concern is that the City of Santa Ana and the County want us out of civic, but there is little if no support for how this will be accomplished in a manner that will somehow satisfy our needs as well as those of local government.
    It is quite apparent that the County has fallen short of the expectations exhibited in it’s 10 year plan for ending homelessness.
    That being said, we would like to know what we as an organization can do to promote this policy and assist with the idea of moving the homeless to “greener pastures”,so as to speak.
    Since housing is a major concern for us, we are asking that a list of providers for housing programs be supplied to us so that we can contact them to determine the requirements for these programs and begin the process of case management for homeless individuals and prepare them for entry into transitional and long-term affordable housing.
    The Roundtable takes a “with us not for us” approach in solving our own homelessness. We have met with representatives from the City of Santa Ana and from the County of Orange. Additionally, we have met with some of the non-profits seeking solutions. We encourage all stakeholders to participate with us in moving forward with solutions regarding the housing crisis that now exists and will be further problematic once a year-round shelter is established. Once the plans for the shelter have been realized, it will be critical in the process of ending the cycle of homelessness that both transitional and and long-term affordable housing be made available to clients leaving the shelter.
    Our greatest fear is that the critical elements necessary for ending the cycle of homelessness will not be intact under the present conditions. For this reason we are calling for support from all non-profits and government to address this issue.
    The Roundtable is organizing an event focused on community awareness and housing to be held August 16th at civic center. We invite any and all who would like to participate or just to support us to attend.
    Please feel free to contact me at any time and possibly meet with delegates from the Roundtable. We are confident that there may have never been a better opportunity in the past to end homelessness at civic as does presently exist.
    Now is the time to rally local government, non-profits and the leaders of the homeless community and work together on a solution that satisfies the needs of all parties concerned.
    Who will lead this charge?
    Tim Houchen
    (714) 905-3376

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